BIGBANG's D-LITE apologizes belatedly for commenting that ”Minzy (2NE1) is an unnecessary member”
D-LITE of the group BIGBANG has apologized to 2NE1 members including Minzy.
D-LITE's YouTube content "Daesung (outside the house)" released on the 3rd included YG Entertainment's
Dara from 2NE1, who worked with her during her entertainment days, appeared as a guest and talked about various topics.
First, D-LITE started by saying, "I made a mistake." He continued, "The other day, I was worried.
I think I may have done something bad," he said, adding, "I feel especially sorry for Minzy."
Previously, D-LITE appeared on a TV show and was chosen as the member with the lowest contribution to YG.
He once named 2NE1 as a favorite artist and chose Minzy as a member of 2NE1 that he couldn't do without.
DARA asked, "Did you contact Minzy separately?" D-LITE replied, "I contacted Minzy separately."
"I don't have any contact information," he confessed frankly. In response, Dara advised D-LITE to send a video letter. D-LITE then looked at the camera and said, "Actually, I'm going to accompany you today.
"I wanted to do that," he said, "My beloved little sister, my lovely Minji, I always feel sorry for her." He continued, "When Minji debuted, she was asked to "look like D-LITE."
"I've heard a lot of stories like that, but I don't think it's meant as praise," he said, asking for forgiveness, saying, "If there's any anger remaining, please let it go."

前職場の同僚とYGの昔のエピソード|家テソン ep.05
前職場の同僚とYGの昔のエピソード|家テソン ep.05

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