”EXO's DO & actress Park Shin Hye, this photo of them together is ”healing just to look at”... The friendship between ”hyungs” is just like that
Actress Park Sin Hye met with EXO member and singer/actor DO (Do Kyung Soo). Park Sin Hye said on the 16th, "It's been a long time since I last met up with Mend."
He continued, "There's a lot of silly talk," and added, "But as a person, the songs on this album, 'Mars', are really good."
In the photo released this time, Park Sin Hye is enjoying a delicious meal with DO.
Above all, the unchanging friendship between Park Sin Hye and DO, who starred together in the movie "Big Bros," has captivated viewers.
Meanwhile, Park Sin Hye made her TV comeback this year with the JTBC TV series "Doctor Slump." She has also chosen SBS's new TV series "Judge from Hell" as her next project.
"The Judge from Hell" is about a demon from hell, Kang Bin-na, who has taken over the body of a judge, and the criminal who meets Han Da-on, the most humane detective in a reality even more hellish than hell.
It is a romantic fantasy about the coexistence of good and evil, in which the protagonist judges the people and is reborn as a true judge.
2024/05/17 16:27 KST
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