ASTRO's Cha EUN WOO, the hero of a shojo manga... Vivid visuals that don't need lighting
ASTRO member EUN WOO showed off his dazzling visuals. On the 10th, a recent photo was posted on EUN WOO's personal channel.
Cha EUN WOO used an airplane emoji to greet his fans before his departure.
Cha EUN WOO, who added a touch of style to his outfit with his accessories, is drawing attention with his vivid visuals that don't need any lighting. Cha EUN WOO shows off his dazzling visuals with his black hair and relatively light skin tone.
Cha EUN WOO will be appearing at the Olympic Arena in Songpa-gu, Seoul on July 6, following the K-Arena Yokohama on June 29 and 30.
An encore fancon for "Mystery Elevator" will be held at SK Handball Stadium in Seoul.
2024/06/10 16:54 KST
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