”BTS” JIN, even though it was the first fan event since Discharge... the ending of the sexual harassment accusation leaves him bitter
JIN of the Korean boy band "BTS" ended up with a bitter ending after some fans were accused of sexual harassment at an event he had prepared for his fans.
On the 14th (today), a post was made in the BTS fan community with the title "I have reported the fans who sexually harassed JIN at a hug event to the police."
The fan who wrote the post, A, said, "When JIN was hugging fans to celebrate the discharge, some fans tried to sexually harass him. As a fan who normally likes BTS' music,
I couldn't help but get angry. I reported to the police through the Korean government's complaint site that I had sexually harassed the fans on suspicion of violating the Sexual Assault Punishment Act.
" He then took a screenshot of the petition being accepted and personally verified it. The petition was submitted to a police station in Songpa, Seoul. In the end, JIN opened a petition for his fans.
The hugging party was a bit bitter for both JIN, who had good intentions when he organized it, and for the fans who had to witness the accusatory ending.
Previously, on the 13th, JIN held a hug event at the "2024 FESTA".
It was the day to commemorate the first discharge among the members of BTS, and also the 11th anniversary of their debut. Because it was such a meaningful event, JIN had been waiting to discharge until then.
To express his gratitude to the fans who had been to his concerts, he organized a hug event in person. JIN briefly hugged 1,000 fans. However, some fans
It was reported that JIN tried to sneakily kiss him. JIN reportedly tilted his head back to avoid it, but some fans were outraged by the situation.
In the end, a fan reported the situation, and JIN held an event to give back to his fans.
It also left a bitter taste in the mouth of the fans who had been watching and celebrating with them.
2024/06/14 20:36 KST
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