「n.SSign」、7月「n.SSign THE MOVIE」が日本で公開…休息のないグローバルな歩み
”n.SSign” and ”n.SSign THE MOVIE” to be released in Japan in July... A relentless global journey
Meet the group "n.Ssign" in a movie. On the 17th, management office n.CH Entertainment announced, "n.Ssign's movie "n.Ssign THE
"The movie 'n.SSign THE MOVIE' will be released in Japan on July 5th."
The film will be distributed by Eon Cinema in Japan and will be shown at over 80 cinemas across Japan, including Eon Cinema.
"n.SSign THE MOVIE" is a documentary film that covers n.SSign's performances and activities in Japan.
The video depicts the journey leading up to their official debut in Japan, focusing on the concert "BIRTH OF COSMO" held at Ariake Arena in Tokyo last November, and talks about n.SSign's present and future.
Along with the news of the movie's release, the official YouTube channel of "n.SSign" has released "n.SSign THE
The teaser video for the "MOVIE" was also released. The video includes a live report of n.SSign's solo concert at Ariake Arena, as well as a Japanese member
In particular, the sweat and tears of the members who filled the performance are revealed, raising fans' expectations for the film.
Before their official debut in February and March of last year, n.SSign was the first group to hold 12 Zepp concerts in five cities in Japan, including Nagoya, Osaka, Sapporo, Fukuoka, and Tokyo.
Tour, which attracted attention. In addition, "n.SSign" was released as an original on Japan's largest OTT platform "ABEMA".
TV!' and an exclusive fan meeting, she has made extraordinary progress as a newcomer.
"n.SSign", who officially debuted in Korea in August last year, entered the Ariake Arena in Tokyo just three months after their debut.
In the same month, they released "NEW STAR" and officially began their activities in Japan. Recently, they successfully completed their promotions for their second mini album "Happy&" in Korea and released "n.SS
He has been active in both Japan and Korea, hosting events such as the "ign JAPAN FANMEETING 'Happy &' produced by ABEMA".
"n.S Sign", who has been taking a break from their debut and continuing their global journey, said ahead of the movie's release, "We are so happy to see our image on the screen. All of this is thanks to Cosmo (
I hope everyone will remember what was achieved thanks to the efforts of the official fandom (name of the fandom)." With the release of the movie, n.S Sign plans to continue various activities in both Japan and Korea.

映画「n.SSign THE MOVIE」予告編
映画「n.SSign THE MOVIE」予告編

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