「BTS」V、「NewJeans」の「Hybe Boy」チャレンジが1億ビュー突破
BTS' V's ”NewJeans” ”Hybe Boy” challenge surpasses 100 million views
BTS' V and NewJeans' "Hybe Boy" challenge continues to be loved.
According to TikTok, V released "Hybe" along with "NewJeans."
The challenge video for "Boy" recently surpassed 100 million views.
"Hybe" uploaded to the "NewJeans" account
The "Boy" challenge exceeded 20 million hits within 10 hours of its release, reaching 3.6 million hits in one day.
The video recorded over 10 million views and over 15 million likes. In the challenge video, V competed with the NewJeans members with his astonishing visuals and refreshing vibe.
V, who is currently serving in the military, showed his passion for dance by uploading a dance practice video during his vacation.
In a letter published during the period, he said, "These days, in my free time, I dance alone in a corner. My body tingles. I'm afraid I might forget, so I sway little by little so that I don't lose my identity.
"I'm doing it with Yura." Meanwhile, V enlisted in the military in December last year and is scheduled to be discharged in June 2025.

2024/06/17 18:06 KST
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