”BTS” V, words left to Go MinSi, his successor in ”Sojin's House”... ”It's not too late. Please show us your maknae side”
"BTS" V left a video letter to Go MinSi, who is the successor of "Sojin's House". On the 17th, the YouTube channel "Channel 15th Night" posted a "Special
In the video, Park Seo Jun, V, and PD Na Young Seok said, "Sojin's House 2" was posted.
V, who will not be able to appear in season 2 of "Sojin's House" due to his military service, said, "I'm still really looking forward to it. One of my juniors will be there, so I'm looking forward to it."
He also left a video letter for his successor. V crossed his arms as he asked, "Can I cross my arms?" and continued, "First of all, I think we shouldn't take it easy.
I want you to speed up a little, be more brisk, and show me what you're supposed to be like as the youngest member. I hope you'll be used to it by the time I get back. I don't know who it is, but I'll see you then."
After that, actress Go MinSi took over. Go MinSi, who will be joining "Sojin's House" Season 2, revealed her ambition to "work hard."
Go MinSi said, "Among the people who appear in the drama, I actually know Woo Sik Oppa. I met him while filming 'The Witch', and I met Yumi senior because we were going back and forth.
The same goes for Jun senior. I'm worried that he might be extremely shy around strangers." He then added cautiously about Lee Seo Jin, "He has a smart image. Like a CEO. And he's a bit of a tsundere."
Go MinSi, who has a career as a wedding planner, said, "I consult on everything from studios, dresses, and makeup to external hanbok, engagement ceremonies, and honeymoons.
"I was promoted once every six months and became a team leader," he confessed. He also talked about his experiences working part-time jobs at restaurants, cafes, etc.
Go MinSi listed her self-promotions such as "I can wash dishes really quickly and well" and "I'm really observant" and wrote "Sojin's House".
It raised expectations for season 2.
2024/06/17 19:04 KST
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