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HyunA(EX 4Minute)


  • Hangul: 현아
  • Birthdate: 1992/6/6 (age 32)
  • Height/Weight: 164cm/44kg

HyunA (Korean: 현아) is an entertainer and singer. The genre of music is dance. "Wonder Girls" from "4Minute" member.
Born June 6, 1992. Height: 164cm. Weight: 44kg. Hobbies/special skills: Playing the piano, watching movies. Family: Eldest daughter (2 boys and 1 girl).
2007 <Wonder Girls> "Irony". Masterpiece: [Music] (Activities as group <4Minute> omitted) 2007 Wonder
Girls "Irony", 2010 solo single "Change", 2011 "A Bitter Day", Trouble Maker "Trouble"
Maker” (active as a duo with “BEAST” Hyunseung), 2012 “Ice Cream”, 2014 “RED”, 2015 “Roll Deep (Feat.
Jung Il Woo Hoon Of BTOB)”, 2016 “How? (How's this?), 2021 I'm Not Cool, 2022 Nabillera
[Variety] KBS "Undefeated Youth" (09-) [Movie] "Midnight FM" (10). Korean singer HyunA (real name: Kim HyunA) is a member of the female group "4Minute".
. The former members were core members of Wonder Girls, but left in July 2007 due to health problems. After that, after a gap of two years, it was re-debuted as "4Minute".
view. At that time, it became a big hot topic as "HyunA revival". In 2010, he made his solo debut with "Change". On the other hand, it has a cute appearance, but it also has a sexy charm, and it attracts women.
centrally supported. . Episode/Anecdote:・In 2012, while male singer PSY's "Gangnam Style" was a worldwide hit, she acted as the heroine in the music video for the same song.
HyunA also attracted attention.・On August 3, 2018, he directly acknowledged his love affair with the idol group "PENTAGON" EDawn. Love Affair Rumors surfaced on August 2nd and the agency denied it
.・On October 15, 2018, CUBE Entertainment announced the termination of the Exclusive Contract with HyunA.・P established by PSY on January 27, 2019
Signed a contract with NATION.・On August 29, 2022, the affiliation contract with P NATION will end. .

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