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  • Hangul: 찬열
  • Birthdate: 1992/11/27 (age 31)
  • Height/Weight: 184cm

CHANYEOL (Korean: 찬열) is a talent and singer. The genre of music is dance. A member of "EXO" with multiple talents. .
Born November 27, 1992. Height: 184 cm. Korean management office: SM Entertainment (as of 2023).
2012 "EXO-K" single "What Is Love". Masterpiece: [Music] (Groups "EXO" and "EXO-K" activities omitted)
2016 "Freal Luv" (featuring the song "Far East Movement"), "Stay
With Me” (TV Series “Dokkaebi” OST), 2017 “Let Me Love You” (Collaboration song with Jung Gigo) [TV Series]
"Missing Nine" (2017/MBC) [Movie] "Chance Shokai-Looking for First Love" (2015), "That's why I married an anti-fan"
(16) [TV program] 2013 SBS "Law of the Jungle" Micronesia edition, 2014 SBS "Roommate" [MV]
2012 "TTS" - "Twinkle", 2013 K.Will - "You don't know love".
Korean singer CHANYEOL is a member of "EXO" and "EXO-K" and is in charge of rap. Her older sister is Park Yura, a female actress. lyricist & composer
I'm stuttering. He is also active as an actor in movies and TV series. .

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