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Lee YuMi


  • Hangul: 이유미
  • Birthdate: 1994/7/18 (age 29)
  • Height/Weight: 162cm/42kg

Lee YuMi (Korean: 이유미) is an actress. A talented actress who has garnered Hot Topic for her roles in the movie "Hostage" and Netflix's "Squid Game." Born on July 18, 1994.
Height: 162cm. Weight: 42kg. Korean management office: VARO Entertainment (as of 2023). 2009 CM “Korea P&G
DURACELL”. Representative works: [TV Series] “The Boy Who Sees the Future” (10/EBS1), “The Promised Lover (Korean Peninsula)” (12/TV Chosun), “20th Century Boys and Girls” (17/M)
BC), "Step of Love ~The Blue Sea I Stared at with You~ (Tempo Girls)" (18/KBS2), "365: A Year of Defying Fate" (20/MBC), "Squid Game" (21/
Netflix), “Now Our School...” (22/Netflix), “Mental Coach Chegal Gil” (22/tvN) [Movie]
``Sad Beast'' (12), ``Russian Novel'' (13), ``Phi
“A Boy Raised by Demons” (13), “An Actor is an Actor” (13), “Avian Man” (1
5), ``Like a French Film'' (16), ``Will You Be There?'' (16), ``Ability Girl'' (17), ``Outdoor Begins'' (18), ``Moxoli'' (18) ), “
Park Hwa-young'' (18), ``Adults Don't Know'' (21), ``Hostage'' (21), and ``New Normal'' (23). Korean actress Lee YuMi has starred in movies such as ``Park Hwa-young'' and ``Adults are...
Her acting skills were recognized through ``I Don't Know,'' and in ``Hostage,'' she played the role of Park So-young, who is abducted along with actor Hwang Jung Min, and captivated many audiences.
She is a talented actress who has become a hot topic on Netflix's "Squid Game". .

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