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All of Us Are Dead

All of Us Are Dead
  • English:All of Us Are Dead
  • Korean:지금 우리 학교는
  • Original Network: Netflix(2022)
  • Aired: 2022/01/28 - 2022/01/28
Our school now (Korean: 지금 우리 학교는) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2022-01-28. The broadcast will end on 2022-01-28.
The broadcasting station is Netflix (2022). People are isolated at a high school where a zombie virus has spread, and the people who are trying to help them are in an unknown situation.
A work depicting. . Due to the mysterious zombie virus that is spreading in the school, the number of zombies rapidly increases and fills all the spaces in the school, including the classrooms, lunch room, and playground, leaving Cheonsan completely isolated.
(Yoon Chan Young) and the students call for help outside, but no one believes that zombies have appeared. No matter how long they waited, the rescue team never came, and eventually communication was cut off.
The students realize that ``the only ones who can save us are themselves'' and begin to search for a way to survive together by fighting the zombies in their own way. .
The Korean TV series ``Now Our School...'' depicts the situation of people who are isolated at a high school where a zombie virus has spread, and the people who try to help them.
Total EP12. Based on the webtoon of the same name. Actress Park Ji Hu plays Onjo, who shares the survival skills she learned from her firefighter father with her friends.
Actor Yoon Chan Young plays Cheon-san, who has a calm personality and quick judgment.
Actress Kim JuA will play Lee Sak, Onjo's best friend. Actress Cho Yi Hyun plays the role of Nam-ra, the class leader who ranks first in her class and has a cold mind.
Actor Lomon will play Soo-hyuk, who actively takes on dangerous tasks and provides great support to everyone.
Actor Im JaeHee-hyuk plays the bright character Dae-su. Actor Song Sang Yeon plays Woo-jin, who is Ha-ri's younger brother and is called ``wife's younger brother'' by Da-su.
Actress Lee YuMi plays Lee NAYEON, who is the “gun” in her class.
Actor Ham Sun-min plays Kyung-soo, Cheong-sang's best friend.
Actor Ahn Seung-gyun plays Joon-young, an honor student who always comes second in the school. Actress Jung plays Hyun-joo, who is the first person at school to become infected with the virus.
Performed by Iso. Byung-chan's son Jin-soo will be played by actor Lee Min-ji, and Eun-ji, who is being bullied, will be played by actress Oh Hae-soo.
Actor Ahn Ji-ho plays Cheol-soo, who is severely bullied.
Actor Yoo InSoo will play Yoon Gwi-nam, who is complicit in bullying and commits all kinds of bad things. Actress Ha Seung Lee plays Hari, a third-year student and head of the archery club.
Actress Lee Eun Saem plays Mi-jin, a third-year student who smokes in the bathroom. Homeroom teacher Park Seong Hwa is played by actress Lee Sang Hee
Actor Kim Byong Chul plays science teacher Lee Byung Chan.
Actor Jeong Bae-su plays On-jo's father, Nam Seo-joo, who is an emergency worker.
Actor Kim Jung Tae plays martial law commander Jin Seong-moo.
Actor Lee Si-hoon will play the role of YouTuber "The Sound of Peeling Oranges".
Actress Bae Hye-sun will play Park Eun-hee, a member of the local parliament. Jeong Ho-cho, a student at Seoul University who joined the military and is currently serving as a compulsory police officer.
Lu is played by actor Park Jae-chul. Actor Lee Kyoo Hyung will play the role of Son Jaek, a detective who uncovers the truth about the virus.


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