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Ha SeungLee


  • Hangul: 하승리
  • Birthdate: 1995/1/9 (age 29)
  • Height/Weight: 163cm/42kg

Ha Seung Lee (Korean: 하승리) is an actress and child actor. Appearing on Netflix “Now Our School is…”! An actress from a child role who made her debut at the age of 4.
Born on January 9, 1995. Height: 163cm. Weight: 42kg. Korean management office: J WIN Entertainment (as of 2022).
In 1999, SBS TV Series "Seishun no Trap". Representative works: [TV Series] "The Trap of Youth" (99/SBS), "Nami" (99/SBS), "I Want to See You Again and Again" (00/SBS), "Aunt"
(00/MBC), “Legend of Love” (00/SBS), “Laws of Marriage” (01/MBC), “Glass Slippers” (02/SBS), “The Age of Heroes” (04/MBC), “ My beloved tram” (0
5/SBS), "Yongae Sobun" (06/SBS), "Bad Woman, Good Woman" (07/MBC), "The Yalu River Flows" (08/SBS), "Meish Me! ” (09/MBC), “I am a legend”
(10/SBS), “Bread King Kim Takku” (10/KBS2), “Happy Ending” (12/JTBC), “Ghost” (12/SBS), “Please, Captain” (1
2/SBS), "The Secret Door" (14/SBS), "Unkind Women" (15/KBS2), "Producer" (15/KBS2), "Divorce Lawyer is in Love" (15/SBS),
"Second 20 Years Old" (15/tvN), "A Woman's Secret" (16/KBS2), "Chief Kim" (17/KBS2), "School 2017" (17/KBS2), "Tomorrow Will Be Sunny" (18/KB
S1), "Please enter a love word ~Search WWW~" (19/tvN), "The King: Eternal Monarch" (20/SBS), "Now Our School..." (22/ Ne
tflix), “Romance Villain” (23/MBC Drama), “Pure Boxer” (23/KBS), “Koryo-Khitan War” (23/KBS) [Movie]
"Junaifu" (00), "Secret Love" (02), "Reversal of Life" (03), "Letter from Heaven" (03), "The 10th Rainy Day" (05), "Devil
``Sunny'' (10), ``Sunny'' (11), and ``Dead Again'' (17). Korean actress Ha SeungLee made her debut in the entertainment industry in 1999 at the age of four. His debut work was on SBS Do
She gained popularity by playing the role of Shim Eun Ha and Lee Jung Won's daughter in the drama ``The Trap of Youth.'' At that time, he also appeared on children's programs.
In 2022, he played the role of Hari, the head of the archery club, in Netflix's "Now Our School...". .

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