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Good Manager

Good Manager
  • English:Good Manager
  • Korean:김과장
  • Original Network: MBC(2017)
  • Aired: 2017/01/25 - 2017/03/30
Manager Kim (Korean: 김과장) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2017-01-25. The broadcast will end on 2017-03-30.
The broadcasting station is MBC (2017). A man from a principled accountant becomes an ordinary manager of a general company, becoming an ally of the weak and teaching principles and common sense for humans.
An office comedy TV series depicting a story of protection. . Sung-ryong, the head of the accounting department, was living off funds while taking care of organized crime groups at nightclubs.
When he can no longer bounce the pin, he is in agony. Sung-ryong just happened to find a job advertisement for the position of accounting manager at a large company, TQ Group, and submits a suspicious resume with a lonely background and pitiful specs.
. The Korean TV series "Manager Kim" is an office comedy that depicts the story of a principled accountant who becomes the ordinary manager Kim of a general company and becomes an ally of the weak and protects principles and common sense for humanity.
Di TV Series. The role of “Chief Kim” Kim SungRyoung will be played by actor Nam Goong Min. Manager Kim may seem like a principled and eccentric eccentric, but he is actually more considerate than anyone else. I met Manager Kim.
Actress Nam Sang Mi will play the role of Yoon Ha-kyung, who had a fierce confrontation with Kim Sung-ryoung through a series of incidents, but falls in love with Kim Sung-ryoung. He achieved success as the best accounting investigation prosecutor and became a TQ Guru.
Junho from the idol group ``2PM'' will play the role of So Yul, who is scouted by the group's financial director. Director Lee Je Hoon of ``Jeon Do Jeong'' and ``The Good Doctor'' and ``Dear Blood''
A collaboration between screenwriter Jay Park of ``My Guardian Angel.'' The Japanese title is ``Chief Kim and Director Seo ~Bravo! Your Life~''.

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