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Nam Goong Min


  • Hangul: 남궁민
  • Birthdate: 1978/3/12 (age 46)
  • Height/Weight: 179cm/70kg

Nam Goong Min (Korean: 남궁민) is a talent, actor. A hot topic similar to “YON Sama”, a notable actor whose popularity is rising sharply as he refines his acting skills.
Born March 12, 1978. Height: 179 cm. Weight: 70kg. Hobbies/special skills: billiards, basketball/guitar.
Education: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chuo University. Family: Younger brother Namgung Yoon. Ideal type: smart woman,
A woman who is easygoing and talks to you like a friend.
Favorite food: Protein food. Korean management office: 935 Entertainment (as of 2022).
1999 KMTV Music Star Selection Contest VJ Grand Prize. Representative works: [TV Series] "Rosy Life" (05/KBS), "One Fine Day" (06/MBC), "Birth of a Celebrity" (10
/KBS) "Can you hear my heart?" romance
Su” (13/E Channel), “I Need Romance 3” (14/tvN), “The Girl Who Sees Smells” (15/SBS), “Beauty Gong Shim” (16/SBS), “Hunnam Jung Eum” (S
BS/18), "Stove League" (19/SBS), "Day and Night" (20/tvN), "Lovers" (23/MBC) [Movies]
"Bungee Jumping" (00), "Bad Man" (01), "Despicable Town" (06), "
Beautiful Sunday” (07). South Korean actor Nam Goong Min made his debut on KMTV and co-starred with Lee Byung Hun in the movie "Bungee Jumping". But I didn't see any big success.
was not He officially made his talent debut in 2002, and two years later he was selected for the leading role. Popular for "Rosy Life" and "One Fine Day". Her “warm smile” is rapidly gaining popularity in Japan.
I'm an actor. . Episode/Anecdote:・In August 2006, I enlisted in the military as a public service worker.・In November 2011, the first Fan Meeting was held in Japan, with a talk show and song stage.
showed off the・On September 28, 2022, she announced her marriage to “modeltainer” Jin A Reum. On October 7th of the same year, they got married at Shilla Hotel. .

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