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One Fine Day

One Fine Day
  • English:One Fine Day
  • Korean:어느 멋진날
  • Original Network: MBC(2006)
  • Aired: 2006/05/31 - 2006/07/20
one wonderful day (Korean: 어느 멋진날) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2006-05-31. The broadcast ended on 2006-07-20.
The broadcasting station is MBC (2006). A Hot Topic work that depicts two people who meet in a hopeless situation. He lost his parents 15 years ago and left behind his little sister Haneul (Song YURI).
GongYoo had no choice but to go to Tralia. Having parted ways with her only brother in this world, Haneul is now all alone, and lives only on her memories and promise with her brother.
・・・. . In the Korean TV series ``One Wonderful Day,'' and in movies such as ``If I Don't Know My Girlfriend'' and ``Undercover Work,'' he stimulated the maternal love of many women as a high school student and a free-spirited younger man. or
GongYoo, who has always had a naughty and cute image, successfully transformed into a strong and strong man in this work.
In addition, co-star Song Yuri returns to the CRT screen for the first time in two years with this TV series, and Lee Yeo-ji, who starred in the movie "A Millionaire's First Love", the TV series "Resurrection" and "Sea God", also has an outstanding style and freshness. Watch with great acting
It is attracting the attention of people.

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