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  • English:Sunny
  • Korean: 써니
  • Release Date: 2011/05/04
  • Duration: 124分
Sunny (Korean: 써니) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2011-05-04. The running time is 124 minutes.
A hit movie from the spring of 2011 directed by the director of ``Speed Scandal.''
Nami (Shim Eun Gyeung), a transfer student from rural Jeolla Province, is teased by delinquents from her first day because of her dialect that she speaks when she's nervous. At this time, a slightly strange friend came to help young Nami.
Ru. The girls who helped Nami are the persistent and righteous Chun-hwa (Kang So Ra), Chang-mi (Kim Min Hee-yeon) who risked her life for her double eyelids, and Jin-hee (Park Jin Joo), a representative of the name-calling battle.
), a literary girl with superhuman strength, Geum-ok (Nam Bo Ra), Bok-hee (Kim Bomi), a fourth-former who dreams of becoming Miss Korea, and the arrogant ice princess Suzy (Min HYOLYN). Nami is their new member
In a confrontation with the competing group ``SNSD (Girls' Generation),'' she shows off her ability to use the dialect that she learned from her grandmother and does a great job of escaping the crisis. When did the seven best friends meet?
They formed "Sunny" as a vow to stay together, and they ambitiously prepared for a performance to be performed at the school festival, but... 25 years later, Nami (Yuyu) is blessed with a successful husband and a beautiful daughter.
・There's something 2% missing in Ho-jung's life. One day, Nami runs into Chunghwa (Jin Hee-kyung), shares the joy of being reunited, and decides to go out in search of the members of "Sunny".
do. . The Korean movie ``Sunny'' is directed by Kang Hyun-chul, who also directed the hit movie ``Speed Scandal.'' A group of seven girls who spent their bright and dazzling student days in the 80s.
A hilarious depiction of the process of searching for important friendships 25 years later. Jin Hee-kyung, who played the role of Yeo-mi-eul in the popular TV series ``Jumong,'' and Yoo Ho-joon, who starred in ``Rosemary,'' will also appear.
The Japanese title is ``Sunny Eternal Friends''.