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Kim Ye Won


  • Hangul: 김예원
  • Birthdate: 1987/12/11 (age 36)
  • Height/Weight: 168cm/48kg

Kim Ye Won (Korean: 김예원) is a talent, actor. A notable actress who can impress any role, including foreigners. Born December 11, 1987.
Height: 168 cm. Weight: 48kg. Hobbies/special skills: Contemporary dance, singing, jazz dance, ballet, piano. Education: Chuo University Theater and Film Department.
Korean management office: Artist Company (as of 2023). 2008 movie "Kaljigi".
Representative works: [TV Series] "2009 Legendary Hometown - Blood Demon" (09/KBS), "Betsujunken Season 3" (10/MBC), "Romance Town" (1
1/KBS), "Handsome Ramen Shop" (11/tvN), "Proposal Operation" (12/tv Chosun), "I Need Romance 2012" (12/tvN), "Who
Are You?” (13/tvN), “Beautiful Man” (13/KBS), “In Sparks” (14/TV
CHOSUN), “I want to love you forever” (14/SBS), “Jealousy incarnate” (16/SB
S), "Tomorrow, With You" (17/tvN), "Suspicious Partner" (17/SBS), "Byun Hyuk's Love" (17/tvN), "Rich Man" (18/MBN), "Thoracic Surgery"
: Doctors who stole the heart” (18/SBS), “Urachacha Waikiki 2” (19/JTBC), “If you cheat, you die” (20/KBS), “You are my spring” (21/tvN), "Love
(23/Disney+) [Movies] "Kaljigi" (08), "Sunny Eternal Friends" (11), "Scary Story" (12), "Scary Story 2" (13), "Escape" "(13
), "High Heel" (14), "National Representative 2" (16), "Door Lock" (18), "I just dropped my smartphone" (23), "Chiaksan" (23) [Musical]
"Like rain, like music" (10). South Korean actress Kim Ye Won's real name is Kim Shina. He was cast in the lead role in his debut film, Karjigi. 2011
In the blockbuster movie "Sunny Eternal Companions" in 2008, he enthusiastically played the leader of the bad group "SNSD (Girls' Generation)" and attracted attention. . Episode/Anecdote: 2012
tvN Jung Yumi, appearing in TV Series "Romance Needed 2012" starring LEEJINWOOK.

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