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Kim JooRyoung


  • Hangul: 김주령
  • Birthdate: 1976/7/15 (age 47)
  • Height/Weight: 167cm/49kg

Kim JooRyoung (Korean: 김주령) is an actress. A veteran actress who is attracting attention for her appearance in the Netflix original TV series "Squid Game".
Born on July 15, 1976. Height: 167cm. Weight: 49kg. Education: Department of Theater and Film, Dongguk University. Family: Husband, daughter.
Korean management office: JUST Entertainment (as of 2023). In 2000, the movie "Youth". Representative work: [TV Series]
“The Perfect Wife” (17/KBS2), “Criminal Minds: FBI Behavioral Analysis Division” (17/tvN), “Andante” (17/KBS2), “Mystery
"The Queen Season 2" (18/KBS2), "The Rich Man's Son" (18/MBC), "The Court of Hammurabi" (18/JTBC), "Mr. Sunshine" (18/tvN), "Only Me"
"The Detective" (18/KBS2), "The Goddess of Revenge" (18/SBS), "My Only Ally" (18/KBS2), "SKY Castle" (18/JTBC), "Babel" (
19/TV CHOSUN), ``Urachacha Waikiki 2'' (19/JTBC), ``Voice 3'' (19/OCN), ``Great Show - I'll keep my love and promises! ~” (19/tvN)
, "Doctor John" (19/SBS), "Leverage: The Best Scammers" (19/TV CHOSUN), "HWA YANG YEON HWA ~The Season I Spent With You~" (20/tvN), "Wind, Clouds, and Rain ” (20
/TV CHOSUN), “Health Teacher Ahn Eun-young” (20/Netflix), “Squid Game” (21/Netflix), “Work City” (21/JTBC), “Revenge by Proxy”
” (22/Disney+), “Shining Watermelon” (23/tvN) [Movies] “Youth” (00), “Sorum” (01), “Memories of Murder” (03), “Our Sex”
About Su'' (05), ``YOO A. My Sunshine'' (05), ``Mr. Housewife Quiz King'' (05), ``Paradise Island Murder Case'' (07), ``A Wonderful Day'' (08), `` The
Phone” (09), “Short Memory” (11), “Togani: Accusation of Young Eyes” (11), “Suspect X” (12), “My PS Partner” (12), “Sleepless Night” (13) ), “The culprit is
Ask the Severed Head (Thawing)” (17), “Feng Shui Master: The Man Who Decided the King's Fate” (18), “Land of Happiness” (18), “The Man in the Nightless Castle (Quantum Physics)” (19) , “Snobbery” (19), “Midsummer’s Temptation”
``Destruction'' (20), ``Collectors: Steal the Treasure Sword Hidden in Seoul (Grave Robbery)'' (20), and ``Memories of Tomorrow'' (21).
Korean actress Kim JooRyoung appears in Netflix original TV series “Squid Game” 2
He received a lot of attention for his role as Han Min-yo, the number 12. . Episode/Anecdote: January 31, 2023, A3 Artists, USA
It was announced that they have signed an agency contract with Agency and will be expanding overseas. .

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