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Jang Daah


  • Hangul: 장다아
  • Birthdate: 2001/5/5 (age 22)
  • Height/Weight: 168cm

Jang Daah (Korean: 장다아) is an actress and model. IVE's Jang Won Young's older sister! Debuted as an actress in the 2024 TV series "Pyramid Game".
Born on May 5, 2001. Height: 168.0cm. Education: Ewha Womans University, majoring in global sports industry.
Family: father, mother, younger sister Jang Won Young (IVE). Korean management office: King Kong
by STARSHIP (as of 2023). 2024, TVING TV Series "Pyramid Game". Korean actress Jang Daah's real name is Jang Jin Young. Girl group "I"
She is known as the older sister of ``VE'' Jang Won Young. Born in 2001, she is 3 years older than Wonyoung. By the way, Wonyoung appeared on STARSHIP at her sister Jang Daah's middle school graduation ceremony.
There is a history of being tinged. . Episodes/Anecdotes: - On April 7, 2023, an exclusive contract with King Kong by STARSHIP was announced and became a Hot Topic. .

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