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Pyramid game

Pyramid game
  • English:Pyramid game
  • Korean:피라미드게임
  • Original Network: TVING(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/02/29 -
pyramid game (Korean: 피라미드게임) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2024-02-29. The broadcasting station is TVING (2024).
"IVE" Wonyoung's sister Jang Daah's debut work! A cruel survivalist who chooses the target of bullying through monthly voting at a girls' high school. .
On the fourth Thursday of every month, Class 2 and 5 of Baek Yong Girls' High School vote on the targets of bullying through an app. Students call this the "pyramid game"
It is called. Transfer student Song Suzy (Kim JIYEON) is nominated as the target of the pyramid game and is subjected to severe bullying, and struggles to break free from the bullying... .
The Korean TV series "Pyramid Game" (all EPs 10) is about Baek-yong Girls' High School Class 2, Class 5, where once a month the targets of bullying are chosen by secret vote, and the students are divided into perpetrators, victims, and bystanders.
This is a story depicting the cruel survival hierarchy in which he gradually becomes addicted to violence. Based on the popular NAVER web comic (author: DKN). "IVE" Jang Won Young's older sister Jang Da
It has become a hot topic as the debut work of Shin SeulKi, who starred in A and Netflix's ``Escape to the Island.'' <Baekyong Girls' High School Class 2 5>
Transfer student Song Suzy will be played by Kim JIYEON (Bona from WJSN).
Jang Daah plays the role of the princess Baek Ha Rin. Shin SeulKi will play Seo Doa, the committee chairperson and the number one student in the school year.
Ryu Dain plays Suzy's partner Myung Ja-eun.
Kang NaEon plays idol trainee Lim Ye Rim.
Jung Da-ham plays Go Eun-byul, the second-place student in the school who has no presence.
Ha YulRi plays Baek Ha Rin's follower Bang Ui.