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Kim Tae Woo


  • Hangul: 김태우
  • Birthdate: 1971/4/15 (age 52)
  • Height/Weight: 183cm/73kg

Kim Tae Woo (Korean: 김태우) is a talent and actor. A talented top Korean actor who is popular for his approachability. Born on April 15, 1971.
Height: 183cm. Weight: 73kg. Hobbies/Special Skills: Swimming/Samulnori. Education: Department of Theater and Film, Chuo University. Family: Younger brother Kim Tae-hoon.
Korean management office: Chorok Entertainment. 1996 KBS Super Talent 2nd season. Representative work: [TV Series]
"The Legendary Hometown" (96/KBS), "Morning in a Paris Park" (96/KBS), "First Love" (96/KBS), "Token Box" (97/SBS), "How to Meet the Perfect Man" (
97/KBS), ``101 Ways to Win a Lover'' (97/KBS), ``New York Story'' (97/SBS), ``Lies'' (98/KBS), ``Don't See Your Tears'' (99/M
BC), "Love Story" (00/SBS), "Blue Mist" (01/KBS), "Shinhwa" (01/SBS), "She Captured My Heart" (02/SBS), "I The Spy Who Loved
(20/MBC), "Possum - Stealing Fate" (21/MBN), "Serious Match" (22/KBS), "Shining Watermelon" (23/tvN) [Movie]
"Connection" (97), "Secret of the Architectural Infinite Hexahedron" (99), "JSA" (00), "Bus, Stop" (02), "Women are the Future of Men" (04), 『
``Faceless Beauty'' (2004), ``Don't Look Back'' (2006), ``The Girl on the Beach'' (2006), ``The Kitchen'' (2009), and ``Working Girl'' (14).
Korean actor Kim Tae Woo has dreamed of becoming an actor since he was in middle school, and began gaining stage experience in theater while attending university. Art after graduation
He made his debut in the Noh world and has been active in movies, TV, and commercials. Kim Tae Woo's first movie appearance was in 1997's "Connection." Jeong Do Yeong, who plays the heroine, gave a passionate performance as a man she has an unrequited love for, and then the movie was released.
It is said that he was flooded with requests to appear in the picture. Also, in the TV series "First Love," he was originally scheduled to play a supporting role, but the producer caught his attention and appeared as Bae Yeonjun's friend. Japanese Korean fans
It became well known among the people. In addition, Kim Tae Woo's manager refused to appear in the movie "JSA", which was a hit in Japan and South Korea, because he was offered a supporting role.
There is an episode in which Kim Tae Woo himself came across the script by chance at his office, fell in love with the story, and expressed his intention to appear in it. Kim Tae Woo has established himself as an actor.
, has a reputation for his professionalism, and there is a story that he lost 15 kg for the role and quickly gained 20 kg. In his private life, in 2001 he met a woman he had been dating since college.
marriage. .

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