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Lim JiYeon


  • Hangul: 임지연
  • Birthdate: 1990/6/23 (age 33)
  • Height/Weight: 166cm/48kg

Lim JiYeon (Korean: 임지연) is a TV personality and actress. She co-starred with Song Seung Heon in "Human Addiction"! She is a 2014 new actress whose acting skills, honed through her work in short films and plays, shine.
Born on June 23, 1990. Height: 166cm. Weight: 48kg. Education: Korea National University of Arts, Department of Acting. Korean management office: Phi Brothers Korea.
Korean actress Lim Jiyeong is a talented actress who has built up her acting skills through plays and short films. She is well-known among short film directors as a rising star with a unique face and good acting skills.
(2014), she was chosen to play the heroine, and her bed scene with actor Song Seung Heon became a hot topic even before the film's release.
Episodes and anecdotes: April 1, 2023, Netflix series "The Glory
She admitted to dating actor Lee Do Hyun, who co-starred with her in "Glorious Revenge."

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