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Jung Woo Sung


  • Hangul: 정우성
  • Birthdate: 1973/4/22 (age 51)
  • Height/Weight: 186cm/73kg

Jung Woo Sung (Korean: 정우성) is a talent, actor. A handsome and sexy “outsider”. Born April 22, 1973.
Height: 186 cm. Weight: 73kg. Hobbies/special skills: Basketball, swimming, games (PlayStation 2). Education: Gyeonggi Commercial High School.
Ideal type: A caring woman. Favorite food: Korean set meal Miso Jjigae.
Korean management office: Artist COMPANY (as of 2023). 1994 movie "KUMIHO Sennen Ai".
Representative works: [TV Series] "Asphalt Man" (94/SBS), "1.5" (95/MBC), "Athena: Goddess of War" (10/SBS)
[Movies] "KUMIHO Millennium Love" (94), "Born to Kill" (96), "Beat" (97), "Motel Cactus" (97), "There Is No Sun" (98), "Yu
Ryong (99), Love (99), Samurai (01), Dog (03), Eraser in my head (04), Sad
Movie” (05), “Daisy” (05), “Chuten” (06), “Good Bad Weird” (08), “Watchers” (13)
), "God's Move" (14), "Madame Pendoku" (14), "Don't Forget Me" (16), "Asura" (16), "Witness" (19), "Steel Rain 2" : Summit Meeting” (20), “HU
NT (22), Guardian (23) [Awards] 1996 Shirakuwa Art Award New Actor Award / 1997 Film Critics Association Award New Actor Award
. Korean actor Jung Woo Sung is tall and has a sweet mask with a shadow.
, is extremely popular with female fans. After dropping out of high school in a year and working as a model, she passed the audition for the movie "KUMIHO Sennen Ai". Lucky as the opposite of Go So Young
off to a great start. He has also shown talent as a producer, and has worked on the music video for <god>. .
Episodes/Anecdotes:・2004, Japanese TV Series “Pure
Soul~Even if you forget me~”, she appeared in the movie “Eraser in my head” and became known in Japan. .

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