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Sad Movie

Sad Movie
  • English:Sad Movie
  • Korean: 새드무비
  • Release Date: 2005/10/20
  • Duration: 108分
A sad movie (Korean: 새드무비) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2005-10-20. The running time is 108 minutes.
A story of "goodbye" performed by eight super-starring actors.
Firefighter JIN WOO (Jung Woo Sung), who is clumsy in love, is worried about the feelings of his girlfriend Suzy-yeon (Lim Suzy-young), who is waiting for her marriage proposal.
Although she was aware of this, she was unable to say a single word, and her feelings were approaching the limit. Ha Seok (Cha Tae Hyeong), whose love has come to an end, believes that he can regain her feelings and decides to break up with her.
Also, the deaf Su-eun (Shin Min A), who fell in love for the first time, hears a rumor that the man she loves is going to study abroad in France, before she can muster up the courage to confess.
``Sad Movie'' is a story about four couples. Jung Woo Sung from "The Eraser in My Head", Lim Suzy Young from "I'm Sorry, I Love You", Cha from "My Strange Girl"
・Popular actors such as Tae Hyeong and Shin Min A of "Rokudenashi no Koi" all appeared in this drama, making it a Hot Topic.