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Cha Tae Hyun


  • Hangul: 차태현
  • Birthdate: 1976/3/25 (age 48)
  • Height/Weight: 175cm/65kg

Cha Tae Hyun (Korean: 차태현) is a talent and actor. The “big brother next door” is known for his friendliness. Born on March 25, 1976.
Height: 175cm. Weight: 65kg. Hobbies/Special Skills: Golf, watching movies. Education: Gyeonggi University, Department of Multimedia and Imaging.
Family: Father Cha Jae Wan, mother Choi Soo Min, wife Choi Seo Geun, son
Cha Soo-chan, daughter Cha Tae-woon. Favorite food: Sashimi, paste food. Korean management office: Blossom Entertainment.
1995 KBS Super Talent Silver Award. Representative work: [TV Series]
“Young Hinata” (95/KBS), “First Love” (97/KBS), “Ready
Go! ” (98/MBC), “Happy Together” (99/SBS), “Juliet’s Man” (00/SBS), “Someday in Paradise! ”(03/SBS
), "General Hospital 2" (08/MBC), "Producer" (15/KBS2TV), "Extra Investigation" (OCN/20), "Police Class" (21/KBS), "Brain Mutual Assistance" (23/KB
S), ``Moving'' (23/Disney+) [Movies] ``Hallelujah'' (97), ``My Bizarre Girlfriend'' (01), ``First Love Death Defender Standing Tournament'' (03), ``Happy Erotic Christmas''
” (03), “Eternal Unrequited Love” (04), “Two Guys” (04), “Sad Movie” (05), “You are the center of my world. '(05), 'Speed Scanda
"Le" (08), "Champ" (11), "Gone with the Wind" (12), "Slow Video" (14), "With God - Crime and Punishment" (17), "Monmun-i" (23)
[Works available to watch now] Mysterious Girlfriend
. Korean actor Cha Tae Hyeong is not what you would call an ulzzang (handsome guy), but
He's a little clumsy, hard to hate, and is gaining popularity as the neighborhood's big brother. He suddenly became a big hit in Japan with his role as Hyun Woo in the movie ``Mysterious Girlfriend''. In 1999, “I
She debuted as a singer with ``Love You'' and ranked high on the charts. In addition, he is active in a wide range of fields such as radio DJ and program MC. .
Episodes/Anecdotes: - In 2006, she married Choi Seok-eun, a lyricist and classmate from high school. After 13 years of dating, we finally got together.
It became a run-in. Their first son was born in 2007.・In 2008, the movie ``Speed Scandal'' in which he starred was a huge hit with over 8 million viewers, and he once again attracted attention.
.・In 2010, she made a comeback after two years with the movie "Hello Ghost." Although he did not commit suicide in the past, he confessed that he suffered from ``panic disorder'' at one point. I break into a cold sweat when I stand on stage.
In 2003, while performing at an event in the United States, he suddenly had trouble breathing and was taken to the hospital. .

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