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Lovers' Concerto

Lovers' Concerto
  • English:Lovers' Concerto
  • Korean: 연애소설
  • Release Date: 2002/09/13
  • Duration: 105分
A romance novel (Korean: 연애소설) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2002-09-13. The running time is 105 minutes.
A sweet and sour love story that will make your heart flutter.
Ji-hwan (Cha Tae Hyeong) meets Soo-in (Song YEJIN) and Kyung.
I met Hee (Lee Eun-joo) five years ago. Ji-hwan falls in love with Soo-in at first sight, but they end up dating as friends. While Soo-in is pretty, Kyung-hee is active and a tomboy. spending time together
As time goes on, Ji-hwan's heart begins to fall on Kyung-hee. One day, the three of them go on a trip and are caught in a cold rain, and Soo-in falls asleep. After that, the delicate relationship between the three began to crumble.
Ta. Five years have passed since they stopped seeing each other, and Ji-hwan's former mailbox receives a letter from an unknown sender. From the enclosed photo, we can see Soo-in and Kyung-hee, who suddenly lost contact with each other.
Remembering this, he goes on a journey to find them... . The original title of "Eternal Unrequited Love" is "Love Novel". An excellent work that depicts friendship, love, and the subtle emotional changes of three young people. The lead role is “Bizarre”
Cha Tae Hyeong, a popular actor who is well-known in Japan after appearing in ``Girlfriend'', and Song Yejin, who is now a ``top Korean actress'' with roles such as ``Snow in April'' and ``Eraser in My Head''. And “Brother
Lee Eun-ju, who appeared in many works such as ``Hood'', lost her life to suicide. The delicate acting of Cha Tae Hyeong, who had a strong comical image, and the late Lee Eun Ji
Also pay attention to the fresh acting of Yu and Song Yejin. A Hot Topic movie that perfectly depicts a tangled love triangle and a heartbreaking love story.