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Um KiJoon


  • Hangul: 엄기준
  • Birthdate: 1976/3/23 (age 48)
  • Height/Weight: 180cm

Um KiJoon (Korean: 엄기준) is an actor and talent. A top star in the musical world who is also active on TV and in movies. Born on March 23, 1976.
Height: 180cm. Education: Department of Musical Performance, Faculty of Performing Arts, Seoul Arts Center. Korean management office: Sidas HQ. 1995 play "Richard III".
Representative works: [TV Series] “Who Loved You?” ” (06/KBS2), “The Grim Reaper with Amnesia” (07/KBS2), “Kimchi Cheese Smile” (07/M
BC), "The Secret, Only You Don't Know" (08/KBS2), "Life Insurance G-Men '08 ~Life Special Investigation Team~" (08/MBC), "The World They Live In" (08/KBS2), "Yo
I was able to do it! ” (09/MBC), “HERO” (09/MBC), “Dream High” (11/KBS2), “Woman’s Scent” (11/SBS), “Phantom” (12
/SBS), “The Virus” (13/OCN), “I Can Hear Your Voice” (13/SBS), “Golden Cross” (14/KBS2), “Undercover Prosecutor” (15/KBS2), “Defendant
People'' (17/SBS), ``Thoracic Surgery: The Doctors Who Stole the Heart'' (SBS/18), ``Penthouse'' (20/SBS), ``Penthouse 2'' (21/SBS), ``Penthouse 3''
” (21/SBS), “Sisters” (22/tvN), “Escape of the Seven” (23/SBS) [Movies] “The Destroyed Man” (10), “The Webtoon: Teaser Murder” ( 13)
[Musicals] "The Three Musketeers", "Monte Cristo", "BONNIE&CLYDE", "Bentel", "Rebecca", "Cinderella", "Werther", "Robin Hood", "
Mata Hari'', ``Jack the Ripper''. Korean actor Um KiJoon made his stage debut in 1995 with ``Richard III,'' and since then has captivated fans with numerous popular musicals. Korean
He has reigned as a top star in the musical world, having played the role of D'Artagnan in the hit musical "The Three Musketeers" since its premiere in 2009. Also, in the world of television and movies.
He has played a wide range of roles, from comical to serious, and has received high praise for his acting and singing skills. .

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