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Reborn of the Seven: War For Survival Season 2

Reborn of the Seven: War For Survival Season 2
  • English:Reborn of the Seven: War For Survival Season 2
  • Korean:7인의 부활
  • Original Network: SBS(2024)
  • Aired: 2024/03/29 -
Resurrection of the Seven (Korean: 7인의 부활) is a TV Series that is scheduled to start airing on 2024-03-29.
The broadcasting station is SBS (2024). STREAM on Lemino! The hit TV series "Penthouse" director Joo Dong-min and screenwriter Kim
The long-awaited sequel to the TV series "Seven Escapes" in which Seung-ok teamed up! Lee Jeong Shin (CNBLUE) joins in, making it a hot topic.
Standing at the crossroads between good and evil, he took the hand of the absolute evil K in order to survive.
In exchange for betraying Dohyuk (Lee Joon), he was given a rich life... The Korean TV series "Resurrection of Seven" (16 episodes) is a story of reset revenge, rebirth,
The film depicts the intense collaboration of seven people. Matthew Lee is played by actor Um Ki-Joon. Geum Ra-hee, the president of Tikitaka Studio, is played by actress Hwang Jung Eum.
Actor Lee Joon plays Min Do Hyuk, a revenger who returns from hell, and actress Lee Yu Bi plays Han Mo Ae, a millionaire star created by a lie.
Cha Ju-ran will be played by actress Shin Eun Kyung, and Yang Jin-mo will be played by actor Yoon Jong-Hoon.
Actress Cho Youn Hee plays Go Myung-ji, while actor Jo Jae-yoon plays Nam Cheol-woo, the corrupt captain of the police regional investigation unit.
Yoon Tae Yeon plays Kang Ki Tak, who helps Do Hyuk with his revenge. Lee Jung Shin (C
NBLUE) will be performing.




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