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Yoon Tae Young


  • Hangul: 윤태영
  • Birthdate: 1974/10/3 (age 49)
  • Height/Weight: 185cm/79kg

Yoon Tae Young (Korean: 윤태영) is a talent and actor. A unique actor who rose from a manager to an acting talent. Born on October 3, 1974.
Height: 185cm. Weight: 79kg. Hobbies/Special Skills: Swimming, water skiing, snowboarding/sports. Education: Department of Business Administration, Wesleyan University, USA.
Family: Father Yoon Jeongyeon, spouse Im Yoo Jin, daughter Yoon JIYEON.
Korean management office: Yeswai Entertainment. 1997 SBS "Beautiful Girlfriend". Representative work: [TV Series]
"Beautiful Girlfriend" (97/SBS), "Wancho" (00/MBC), "Her House" (01/MBC), "Hotelier" (01/MBC), "A Bright Girl's Success Story" (02/SBS)
, "On that blue meadow" (03/KBS), "Record of the Four Gods" (07/MBC), "Night Watchman's Diary" (MBC/14), "Hero of the Town" (16/OCN), " Escape of the Seven” (23/SBS
) [Movies] "I'm Arresting You" (2005), "Mr. Socrates" (2005). Korean actor Tae Yeon aims to become an actor after graduating from university and becomes the road manager for talent Lee Jae-ryong.
He entered the entertainment world as a. In 1997, he played the role of Lee Byung Hun's opponent (a boxer) in director Lee Jang Soo's ``Beautiful Girlfriend,'' but spent the next three years in obscurity.
. He received overwhelming support from netizens in the 2000 TV series "Wancho" and became one of the top actors. His wife is former actress Lim Yoo Jin. Her father is Yoon Jo, former vice chairman of Samsung Electronics.
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