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The Legend

The Legend
  • English:The Legend
  • Korean:태왕사신기
  • Original Network: MBC(2007)
  • Aired: 2007/09/11 - 2007/12/05
Taewangsashingi (Korean: 태왕사신기) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2007-09-11. The broadcast ended on 2007-12-05.
The broadcasting station is MBC (2007). Starring YON Sama! A historical TV series depicting the life story of King Gwanggaeto during the Goguryeo period.
From the founding of Goguryeo's founder Jumong, it spread to Goguryeo and the maritime power ruled by King Gwanggaeto.
The history of Baekje is depicted. The relationship between the four gods who are searching for their master, King Gwangaeto (Bae Yeonjun), a reborn tactical master, Suzy, whom he loves, and King Asin, who loves Suzy... .
The Korean TV series ``The Four Gods of the King'' is a work that reunites director Kim Jong-hak and screenwriter Song Ji-na of the TV series ``Hourglass'', and stars Bae Yeonjun, a Korean wave star, Choi Min Soo,
Featuring an all-star cast including Jin Young, Park Sang Won, and Moon So Ri, it has been attracting hot topics even before production.
"Taio Shijinki", which will be produced in 2 EPs and 4 episodes, is scheduled to be broadcast from March 2007.
15 billion won (approximately 1.8 billion yen) was invested in the first outdoor set in Gimnyeong-ri, Old Jao-eup, Jeju City, which includes a 9,000-pyeong (approximately 29,700 square meters) palace and yangban (the highest class system). to the top
The residences of the aristocratic class that were located there are being built. It was reported that many fans from Japan are expected to come to see the filming at Cheju Island.

《Taewangsasingi》 (太王四神記) is a Munhwa Broadcasting TV drama that aired from September 11, 2007 to December 5, 2007, and tells the life story of King Gwanggaeto of Goguryeo.
It is a fantasy epic action historical drama based on the motif. This drama was unconventionally scheduled to air from Monday to Wednesday in the first week, and was aired in 2007.
After “Special” aired on September 10, the first episode aired on September 11, 2007. A huge production cost of 43 billion won was invested, and numerous
It caused a great stir among viewers. Meanwhile, it opened a new chapter in Korean fantasy dramas, but “through exports and sales of merchandising products, etc.
Not only was it pointed out that “it may be possible to exceed the break-even point, but there were inefficiencies in terms of production costs,” the first broadcast date was postponed several times.
On November 29, 2007 (episode 23), it was broadcast 20 minutes late, and although it had a huge production cost and a long filming period of over a year, it did not keep its promise to viewers.
I was left with regret that I had violated it. In addition, Moon So-ri (played by Seo Ki-ha) made her drama debut through this work, and after graduating from college in 1997, she appeared in the same drama.
In November of that year, he took the 26th MBC open talent test but was eliminated.