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Park SungWoong


  • Hangul: 박성웅
  • Birthdate: 1973/1/9 (age 51)
  • Height/Weight: 187cm/78kg

Park SungWoong (Korean: 박성웅) is an actor. A hard-working person who spent 10 years of obscurity... An acting actor who makes use of his tall stature to show a dynamic presence.
Born January 9, 1973. Height: 187 cm. Weight: 78kg. Education: Bachelor of Law, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. Family: Wife: Shin EunJung (talent).
Korean management office: C-JeS Entertainment (as of 2023). In 1997, the movie "Number Three". Masterpiece: [TV Series]
"Temptation of the Sun" (02/KBS2), "Great King's Four Gods" (07/MBC), "Happy Woman" (07/KBS2), "Some qualities that make us happy"
Q” (08/KBS2), “East of Eden” (08/MBC), “Cain and Abel” (09/SBS), “Taehee, Hyekyo, Jihyon” (09/MBC), “Athena: Goddess of War” 』(1
0/SBS), “Whole My Love” (10/MBC), “Baking King Kim Takgu” (10/KBS2), “Birdie Buddy” (10/tvN), “Gyebaek” (11/MBC) , "
Climax” (11/MBC), “Glorious Jane” (11/KBS), “Kakshitaru” (12/KBS), “Hide Your Identity” (15/tvN), “Remember-Son’s War” (15/ SB
S), “former boyfriend is a genius scammer-38th riot police-” (16/OCN), “Man to Man” (17/JTBC), “Welcome to Waikiki” (18/JTBC), “Life On”
・Mars” (18/OCN), “One Hundred Million Stars Falling from the Sky” (18/tvN), “When the Devil Calls Your Name” (19/tvN), “Crash Landing on You” (19/tvN) , Rugal (2
0/OCN), "Snowdrop" (21/JTBC), "Unlock the President" (22/ENA), "People's Death Penalty Vote" (23/SBS), "Bloodhound" (23/Netfl)
ix), "People's Death Penalty Vote" (23/SBS) [Movies] "Number Three" (97), "When the Sun Rises from the West" (98), "There Is No Sun" (99), "Foul King" (00),
Zarection” (02), “KT” (02), “Message from Heaven” (04), “Charming Girl” (05), “Mukageken SHADOWLESS”
SWORD” (05), “Mr. Socrates” (05), “Sunflower” (06), “Unprotected City” (08), “Midnight Travel – Walking in White Darkness” (09), “Girlfriend
(2009), "Yeoido" (10), "New World" (13), "Psychometry" (13), "Alumni" (13), "Two Wounded" (13), "Scary Story" 2” (13), “Flyer
Shi: Dangerous Rumors” (14), “Rage” (14), “High Heels” (14), “For the Emperor” (14), “Murder Request” (15), “Rogue” (15), “ Office” (15), “Prosecutor
Gaiden (16), Kaigo Hana (16), Incheon Landing Operation (16), Revenge Trick (17), VIP (17), Method (17), Kun (17), "things
Mystery (18), Anichi Castle (18), Craft (18), The Guy in Me (19), Melody of Love (19), Closet (20), Nonstop (20), Hostage
(21), "HUNT" (22), "DAEMUGA: Grudge and Revenge" (22), "Gentleman" (22), "Unnam" (23), "Laban" (23), "Protector" (23) ).
Actor Park SungWoong continued his acting career as an action actor and experienced an unknown period of 10 years. In 2007, he was featured in the MBC TV Series “Taio Shijinki” and starred in the movie “New World”.
It has also become active in the clean. Taking advantage of his height of 187cm, he shows his presence with a dynamic impression. .
Episodes/Anecdotes:・ Married actress Shin Eun Jung on October 28, 2008.
・On April 27, 2010, the first boy was born. .

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