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  • English:Snowdrop
  • Korean:설강화:snowdrop
  • Original Network: JTBC(2021)
  • Aired: 2021/12/18 - 2022/01/30
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Episode Review 2

snowdrop: snowdrop (Korean: 설강화:snowdrop) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2021-12-18.
The broadcast will end on 2022-01-30. The broadcasting station is JTBC (2021). Set in Seoul in 1987, one day a women's college dormitory is suddenly covered in blood.
This work depicts a love story between a prestigious college student who rushes into his life and a female college student who hides and cares for him even under intense surveillance and crisis. .
Suho (Cho), a man covered in blood who had come in through the window of the women's college dormitory #207.
N Hae In), Yongro (Jisoo (BLACKPINK)) and the students of No. 207 are in a big panic. Meanwhile, Gang-mu (Jang Seung-jo) who was pursuing Su-ho and a key member of the safety planning department.
The members begin searching the dormitory... . The Korean TV series ``Snowdrop'' is set in Seoul in 1987, and tells the story of a prestigious college student who one day suddenly bursts into the dormitory of a women's college covered in blood, and a sharp supervisor.
This work depicts the love story of a female college student who hides and takes care of her boyfriend even in times of crisis. Simultaneous STREAM on Disney Plus. Total EP16. His highest audience rating was 3.9% for EP2.
Actor Jung HaeIn plays Im Soo-ho (real name Ri Tae-san), a North Korean agent who is known to be a graduate student in economics at the University of Berlin but is actually sent to the South.
. JISOO will play Eun Young-ro, a first-year student in the English department at Hoss University. Actress Yoo In Na plays Kang Chung Ya, a university hospital surgeon.
Actor Jang Seung Jo will play Lee Kang-moo, the head of the Security Planning Department's anti-communist investigation bureau 1 team.
Actress Yoon Se A will play the role of Pi Seung Hee, the head of Hoss Women's University Dormitory.
Actress Kim Hye Yoon plays Gae Boon-ok, a telephone operator at Hoss Women's University Dormitory. Actress Jung Eugene will play Jang Han-na, a member of the Security Planning Department's Anti-Committee Investigation Bureau 1.


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