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The Great Battle

The Great Battle
  • English:The Great Battle
  • Korean: 안시성
  • Release Date: 2018/09/19
  • Duration: 135分
Ansi Fortress (Korean: 안시성) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2018-09-19. The running time is 135 minutes.
A movie depicting the Battle of Anshi Castle, which led to the greatest victory in the history of East Asia.
We couldn't learn how to retreat! We couldn't learn how to kneel!
We never learned to surrender! Park Sung Woong, who wants to take over the country, has a large army of hundreds of thousands of people.
mobilized to invade Ansi Fortress, a remote area of Goguryeo. Tang's strongest army of 200,000 people vs. Anshi City military of 5,000 people. Despite the 40 times difference in military strength, Yang Manchun (Cho In), the lord of Ansi Castle,
Son) and his warriors decide to fight against the Tang Dynasty, but... . The Korean movie ``Ansi Fortress'' depicts the battle of Ansi Fortress, which led to the greatest victory in the history of East Asia. 5000 people cheap
The story depicts the events that unfold as the city of Goguryeo fights against the great army of the Tang Dynasty. Actors Jo In Sung, Nam Ju Hyuk, Park Sung Woong, SEOLHYUN (AOA), Yu Oh Sung and others
A brilliant casting was achieved.

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