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Shin Hye Sun


  • Hangul: 신혜선
  • Birthdate: 1989/8/31 (age 34)
  • Height/Weight: 172cm

Shin Hye Sun (Korean: 신혜선) is a talent. I created a profile on my own and knocked on the door of an agency, but I failed the document screening...I had a hard time not even being able to get an audition.
Man. Born on August 31, 1989. Height: 172cm. Education: Sejong University, Department of Culture and Film Arts. Family: father, mother, sister. Favorite food: Ramen.
Korean management office: IOK Entertainment (as of 2023). 2012 TV Series "School 2013". Representative work: [TV Series]
“School 2013” (12/KBS), “Angel Eyes” (14/SBS), “High School King” (14/tvN), “Oh My Venus” (15/tvN), “Girlfriend
was beautiful'' (15/MBC), ``Exciting remarriage romance - 5 children'' (16/KBS), ``Legend of the Blue Sea'' (16/SBS), ``Secret Forest'' (17/tvN), "Golden Me"
``Life'' (17/KBS), ``I'm 30 but I'm 17'' (18/SBS), ``Praise of Death'' (18/SBS), ``Only One Love'' (19/KBS), ``Queen Cheolin'' ( 20/tvN),
``It's Nice to Be Reborn'' (23/tvN) [Movies] ``Hakushi Gaiden'' (16), ``One Day'' (17), ``Innocence'' (20), ``Target'' (23), ``Brave Citizens'' ( twenty three)
. Korean actress Shin Hye Sun is a hard worker who created her own profile and knocked on the doors of agencies, but was unable to even get an audition due to failing the document screening. .
Episodes/anecdotes: - Seo Jang-hoon, a former basketball player and talent who is often surprised by his height, probably because of his pure and cute image, is also Shin Hae-seo.
As soon as he saw her, he said, ``You're surprisingly tall.'' .

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