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Law Firm

Law Firm
  • English:Law Firm
  • Korean:로펌
  • Original Network: SBS(2001)
  • Aired: 2001/06/06 - 2001/07/26
law firm (Korean: 로펌) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2001-06-06. The broadcast ended on 2001-07-26. The broadcasting station is SBS (2001).
Co-starring next generation Korean stars! A youth TV series depicting a young lawyer. Young Eun (Song Seung Heon) is a young lawyer who believes that law is not everything in this world. Even though it's work, it's like a thug.
Refusing to protect him, he leaves the management office and attempts to start a law firm on his own.
However, no one agreed with his ideals, and in the end, the only people he gathered were Jang-geun (So Ji Sub), a talented but money-first person, and Dong-young (Bi, who finally passed the bar exam in his mid-30s).
They are all strange people, such as Jung Woo-min. Female lawyers Jeong-ah (Kim Ji-ho) and Jin (Seo-jung), who were classmates at the training center, also join and manage to start the firm, but it is not their first job.
Trouble continues. And Jun-seok (Lee Jung-won), an elite lawyer at the largest firm <Lee & Yoon>, is standing in the way... .
The star of the Korean TV series ``Law Farm'' gained popularity with ``Autumn Fairy Tales'' and ``Summer Scent''.
Song Seung Heon defined this. This is a masterpiece of a youth TV series in which he played the leading role following ``Autumn Fairy Tale.'' The co-stars are already said to be stars who will lead the next generation in Korea, and in Japan they are also known as ``Stars in Bali''.
So Ji Sub became a big hit with “Kiraji”. Lee Jung-won of "Kocchi" and "Barefoot Youth". And Seo Jeong, who left a strong impression in the movie ``Peppermint Candy''.

A law firm is a legal office of professional lawyers run by a number of lawyers in the form of a company. From a large American law firm
In Korea, it is not an independent type of law office, but a large joint law office or large law firm modeled after the form of a large law firm in the United States.
It is used as a term for Lawyers are divided by specialty and provide organized legal services, including international trade, securities, finance, patents, M&A, and new business.
Our main job is legal consulting, which involves participation in all corporate activities such as business. A one-stop shop that perfectly handles what customers seek with just one prior request.
Seeking legal services. Independent types of law offices in Korea include “lawyer-only law offices” run by individual lawyers, three or five people;
A “notary-licensed joint law office” operated by the above lawyers with approval for notarization work from the Ministry of Justice, and 5 or more lawyers conducting legal affairs.
There is a law firm that formed the legal entity that handles the law.