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Welcome to Wedding Hell

Welcome to Wedding Hell
  • English:Welcome to Wedding Hell
  • Korean:결혼백서
  • Original Network: Netflix、KAKAO TV(2022)
  • Aired: 2022/05/23 - 2022/06/15
Marriage White Paper (Korean: 결혼백서) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2022-05-23. The broadcast will end on 2022-06-15.
Broadcasting stations are Netflix, KAKAO TV (2022). Like the happy ending in a fairy tale, the marriage of a couple in their 30s was like the beginning of happiness after hardships.
A real-life empathetic romance that unfolds during the preparation process. . When he saw an elderly couple walking away while gently holding each other's shoulders, he thought to himself, ``I wonder what it would be like to marry Joon-young (LEEJINWOO).''
Naeun (Lee Yeon Hee). However, Joon-young, who has been dating for two years, does not seem to be thinking about marriage. Even after they had a sweet kiss, Naeun said, ``Marriage only goes forward if there is a man's will.''
However, there was no reaction. The two of them were having a nice meal, and as soon as the word ``marriage'' came out of Naeun's mouth, Joon-young was surprised and started coughing as if choking. But like that
Naeun was surprised by the child. Naeun is so hurt by Joon-young's unexpected reaction that she wonders, "Have you really been avoiding talking about marriage?" and leaves. .
The Korean TV series ``Marriage White Paper'' tells the story of a couple in their 30s' marriage preparation process, which seems like the happy ending in a fairy tale, and the beginning of happiness after hardships.
A real-life empathetic romance that unfolds. Total EP12. Actor LEEJINWOO will play Seo Jun Young, who works in the renewable energy department of a public company.
Actress Lee Yeon Hee plays Kim Naeun, who works for the large company KE Group.
Actor Song Jin Woo will play Jang Min Woo, Joon Young's best friend who graduated from the same university and works at the same company.
Actress Hwang Seung Un plays Choi Hee Seon, a senior at Naeun's company. Actress Kim Joo-young will play Lee Soo young, a junior at Naeun's company.


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