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Lee Jin Uk


  • Hangul: 이진욱
  • Birthdate: 1981/9/16 (age 42)
  • Height/Weight: 183cm/68kg

Lee Jin Uk (Korean: 이진욱) is a talent and actor. A young actor with a neat mask and charismatic eyes. Born on September 16, 1981.
Height: 183cm. Weight: 68kg. Education: Cheongju University, Faculty of Environmental Engineering. Family: father, mother, sister. Korean management office: BH Entertainment (as of 2023).
2004 MBCTV Series Best Theater "Bad Girl". Representative works: [TV Series] “Bad Girl” (04/MBC), “Resurrection” (05/KBS), “Smile Again” (06/SBS)
), ``The Age of Love'' (06/SBS), ``Air City'' (07/MBC), ``Strong Enemies'' (08/KBS), ``Glass Castle'' (08/SBS), ``Spy Myung Wol'' ( 11/
KBS), "I Need Romance 2012" (12/tvN), "The Time I Loved You" (15/SBS), "Goodbye Mr. Black" (16/MBC), "Voice 2" (18/OC)
N), ``Voice 3'' (19/OCN), ``Sweet Home -Me and the Despair of the World-'' (20/Netflix), ``Unkillable''
-The One Who Lives Eternity-' (21/tvN), 'Marriage White Paper' (22/Netflix) [Movie]
``General Hospital The Movie: Thousand Days'' (2000), ``Marchuk Street of Youth'' (2004), ``Despicable Town'' (2006), ``Suspicious Girlfriend'' (14), and ``Target'' (14).
LEEJINWOO, a handsome actor who turned from a commercial model to an actor, is a young actor who is currently attracting the most attention. In 2006, he appeared on SBS's popular TV series "Smile Again" and "Renai Jidai".
She was selected as the main cast member and attracted the attention of viewers. Furthermore, on the big screen, he has appeared in films such as ``Street of Youth'' starring Kwon Sang Woo and ``The Despicable Street'' starring Jo In Sung, and has shown his acting skills.
polished. In 2007, he played the role of Kang Ha-joon in the Hot Topic TV series "Air City" starring Lee Jung-jae and Choi Ji Woo, and his neat mask and security became popular not only in Korea but also in Japanese tea rooms.
He is gaining popularity for his solid acting. .

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