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Under the Queen's Umbrella

Under the Queen's Umbrella
  • English:Under the Queen's Umbrella
  • Korean:슈룹
  • Original Network: tvN(2022)
  • Aired: 2022/10/15 - 2022/12/04
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Schrup (Korean: 슈룹) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2022-10-15. The broadcast will end on 2022-12-04. The broadcasting station is tvN (2022).
A story of the ups and downs of the royal court struggles of a queen who enters a fierce royal education battle for troubled princes. . Jungdono Hwaryeong (Kim Hye Soo) has been busy since before dawn! Today is the first day since my accession to the throne.
This is because it is the day when the King (Choi Won Young) and the Grand Queen (Kim Hye Soo) visit the school. Having finally solved the problem of the problematic princes, Hwaryeong faces an even bigger crisis, and takes advantage of this opportunity when the position of the queen becomes vacant.
He proposes the throne to the now crowned prince, inciting conflict among the princes. Furthermore, he distributes secret books on imperial education to the inner palace... . Korean TV Series “Shurup” is a fierce royal cult for troubled princes.
A story of the ups and downs of a queen's struggles at court as she enters into an upbringing battle. ``Shurup'' is a native Korean word that means ``umbrella,'' and it is also recorded in ``Hunmin Jeongeum-hae Seibon'' (1443).
Simultaneous STREAM on Netflix. Total EP16. Her highest audience rating was 16.8% for Episode 16. Actress Kim Hye Soo plays Lim Hwa-ryeong, the queen.
Chaerin (CherryBullet) plays Lim Hwa-ryeong's SNSD (Girls' Generation). The princess will be played by actress Kim Hye Soo-kuk.
Actor Choi Won Young plays Wang Lee Ho. Actor Bae In Hyuk plays the crown prince (eldest son). Actor Moon Sang Min plays Seongnam Daegun (second son).
Actor Yoon Sang Hyun plays Muang Daegun (third son). Actor YOO SEONHO plays Daegun Gaeseong (fourth son).
Actor Park Ha-joon plays Il-young Dae-gun (fifth son)
Actress Ok Ja Yeon plays the role of the King's Seraglio Fan.
Cha Ni plays Noble Hwang's eldest son, Euisung.
Actress Woo Jung Won plays the role of the king's concubine.
Actor Moon Sung Hyun will play Ko Noble's eldest son Shim So. Actress Kim Ga Eun will play the role of the king's concubine, Tae Chaoyong.
Kim Min Gi plays Tae So-yong's eldest son Bo-gum. Actor Jang Hyun Sung will play Yoon Soo Kwang, a private officer who is close to the Queen.


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