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Jang Hyun Sung


  • Hangul: 장현성
  • Birthdate: 1970/7/17 (age 53)
  • Height/Weight: 177cm

Jang Hyun Sung (Korean: 장현성) is a talent and actor. A talented actor who appears in numerous movies and TV series. Born on July 17, 1970.
Height: 177cm. Education: Seoul College of the Arts. Family: Wife (daughter of actor Yang Taek-jo), two sons. Korean management office: YG Entertainment (as of 2022).
1993 musical "Last Dance with Me". Korean actor Jang Hyun Sung is a talented actor who has appeared in many movies and TV series.
During his time with the theater company, he was one of the members of the theater company's ``Tokusuri 5 Brothers'' along with Sol Kyung Gu, Kim Yun Seok, Hwang Jung Min, and Cho Seung Woo.
He was called "younger brother." . Episodes/Anecdotes: ・On May 19, 2003, my first child and eldest son (Junwoo) was born.・On July 29, 2007, second child and second son (Jun-seo) was born. .

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