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A Bittersweet Life

A Bittersweet Life
  • English:A Bittersweet Life
  • Korean: 달콤한 인생
  • Release Date: 2005/04/01
  • Duration: 120分
sweet life (Korean: 달콤한 인생) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2005-04-01. The performance time is 120 minutes.
A masterpiece recognized by Lee Byung Hun himself! A full-fledged action noir.
Mr. Kang, the president of a hotel and a ruthless man who rules the underworld, and his right-hand man, Sun Woo, a ruthless man. One day, Mr. Kang
He orders Nu to keep an eye on his young mistress, Hee Soo (Shin Min A). After several days of surveillance, it was discovered that Hiss was accompanied by a young man. Sun-woo broke into the room where the two were and said, ``Hee-soo betrayed me.''
"Kill time or contact me," he obeys his boss's words and picks up his cell phone. However, he was moved by emotions he didn't even know about and said, ``Don't ever meet me again. I'll just pretend nothing happened.''
There's no problem,'' he said, simply kicking the man out. However, due to that split-second decision, Sun-woo turns the entire organization into an enemy... .
A momentary choice made by a man who has never known love. That was the beginning of ruin... Before publication
A masterpiece by Lee Byung Hun, who has become a hot topic since then. A must-see is the completely different Byung-hun that he shows in “A Sweet Life”!