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Lee Byung Hun


  • Hangul: 이병헌
  • Birthdate: 1970/7/12 (age 53)
  • Height/Weight: 177cm/68kg

Lee Byung Hun (Korean: 이병헌) is an actor and talent. “BYUNG Sama” is famous for “Beautiful Days”. Korean handsome four kings.
Born on July 12, 1970. Height: 177cm. Weight: 68kg. Hobbies/Special Skills: Swimming, Taekwondo, snowboarding.
Education: Department of French Language and Literature, Hanyang University, Graduate School of Newspaper and Broadcasting, Chuo University. Family: Younger sister Lee Eun Hee (Miss Korea 1996), spouse Lee Min Jeong (actress).
Ideal type: A woman who is like a friend. Korean management office: BH Entertainment (as of 2023). 1991 KBS open recruitment 14th term.
After making his debut on TV Series, he mainly worked on TV series and movies. Lee Byung Hun has been well-received for his acting skills since his debut, and has steadily solidified his position as an actor.
The movie "JSA" released in 2000 was a huge hit, ranking among the top five box office grossing Korean films of all time. It was also released in Japan and became a Hot Topic. .
Episodes/Anecdotes: ・In 2005, he starred in "La Dolce Vita," which led to him signing a contract with a Hollywood agent.
He won three Best Actor awards. In addition to his acting skills, he was also known as the ``actor with a thousand faces'' due to his ability to play all kinds of characters in each work.
-In 2006, he became the first Korean actor to be awarded the Order of Arts and Culture by the French government.
・In 2007, he left his long-time manager and became independent, saying, ``I wanted to create an agency that could provide an environment where actors could concentrate on acting.''
, founded Byul Nan Actors. After that, the company name was changed to BH Entertainment, taking "Be Happy" and BH from his own initials. In addition to regular management,
The company has established a new global agent business division, partnering with talent agencies and agents in the United States, Japan, and China to support the overseas activities of domestic and foreign actors.
・In 2009, she starred in the TV series "Iris" for the first time in six years. Grand Prize, the highest award of the KBSDrama Awards, Baeksang Arts Awards Best Acting Award in the Television Category, National Assembly Grand Prize
It won many awards related to TV series, including special awards.・In June 2012, he and actor An Seong Ki appeared in the plaza in front of the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, which is famous for its movie star handprints.
I made handprints and footprints. This is the first time for an Asian actor.・On August 19, 2012, it was announced that he had been dating actress Lee Min Jeong since April of the same year. June 5, 2013, 8 of the same year
They announced that their wedding will be held on the 10th of May.・On March 31, 2015, our first child, a boy, was born.・March 24, 2017, four major Hollywood agencies, United
It was revealed that he has signed a contract with a talent agency. .

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