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Beautiful Days

Beautiful Days
  • English:Beautiful Days
  • Korean:아름다운 날들
  • Original Network: SBS(2001)
  • Aired: 2001/03/14 - 2001/05/31
beautiful days (Korean: 아름다운 날들) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2001-03-14. The broadcast ended on 2001-05-31.
The broadcasting station is SBS (2001). A youth love story of young people who suffer from love and hurt each other because of love. Victory Record Company's heir Min-chul (Lee Byung-ho)
N) is ruthless and does not know how to love others. Min-chul's father and medical school student Sung-jae's (Ryu Si Won) mother remarried, so the two become stepbrothers, but they don't get along well. At the facility “Angel’s House”
Young Soo (Choi Ji Woo) grew up in Tokyo and now works at Victory Records. There, he meets Sena (Lee Jong Hyun), who grew up in the same facility. Young-soo is happy to be reunited since the facility, but...
As a result of the incident, Se-na runs away from Young-soo because she has a grudge against him. . Choi Ji Woo from "Winter Sonata", Lee Byung Hun from "JSA" and "Love Addiction", "Truth" and "Secret"
A Hot Topic work starring Ryu Si Won of ``Mitsu'' and all popular Korean stars. Lee Jong Hyun, who sang in ``Beautiful Days'' as a singer, is actually very active as a singer in Korea.

Beautiful days mean: Beautiful Days (drama): SBS drama special Beautiful Days (Lucid Paul's album) aired in 2001
Beautiful Days (1982 film) Beautiful Days (2016 film)