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Our Blues

Our Blues
  • English:Our Blues
  • Korean:우리들의 블루스
  • Original Network: tvN(2022)
  • Aired: 2022/04/09 - 2022/06/12
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our blues (Korean: 우리들의 블루스) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2022-04-09. The broadcast will end on 2022-06-12.
The broadcasting station is tvN (2022). A TV series that supports the sweet and bittersweet lives of all those who are at the end, climax, or beginning of their lives. Shin Min A & Ki
Mu Woo Bin couple and the gorgeous cast are also Hot Topics! . 3 o'clock in the morning in Beulun Village, Jeju. Eun Hee (Lee Jung Won)'s day starts early. After the auction at the seafood market, they cut the fresh fish and interact with customers.
I run around trying to get my hands on it. The same goes for Han Soo (Cha Seung Won), a bank branch manager who sent his only daughter to the United States to study golf and is struggling to earn enough money to study abroad alone in Seoul. at that time,
An order is issued to the bank manager's position in his hometown of Purun, so Han-soo goes to Jeju. Eun-hee, who is busy working without washing away her fishy smell, finds excitement... .
Korean TV Series “Our Blues” is a sweet song for all those who are at the end, climax or beginning of life.
A TV series that supports the difficult and bittersweet life. Netflix simultaneous STREAM. Total EP20. Her highest audience rating was 14.6% for Episode 20.
Actor Lee Byung Hun plays Lee Dong Seok, a truck goods dealer.
Actress Shin Min A plays Dong Seok's first love, Min Sun Ah. Actor Cha Seung Won will play Purun Bank branch manager Choi Han Soo.
Actress Lee Jung-eun will play Jung Eun-hee, who runs a fresh fish store.
Actress Um Jung Hwa plays Go Mi Ran, who runs a massage shop.
Captain Park Jeong-joon is played by actor Kim Woo-Bin.
Actress Han Ji Min plays Lee Young-ok, a first-year diver. Actor Park Ji Hwan plays Jung In-kwon, the owner of Sundae Kuppa store.
play. Actor Choi Yeonjun plays Bang Ho-sik, who runs an ice shop.


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