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Lee Jung Eun


  • Hangul: 이정은
  • Birthdate: 1970/1/23 (age 54)
  • Height/Weight: 164cm

Lee Jung Eun (Korean: 이정은) is an actress. An actress who became world famous with the movie ``Parasite'' and has appeared in many hit movies. .
Born on January 23, 1970. Height: 164cm. Education: Hanyang University. Korean management office: Will Entertainment (as of 2022).
1991 play "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Representative works: [TV Series] "The Queen's Classroom" (13/MBC), "Blue Tower" (13/tvN), "Blue Tower Zero" (13/tvN), "Sit"
Com Royal Mansion'' (13/JTBC), ``Sly Divorced Love'' (14/MBC), ``High School King'' (14/tvN), ``I Want to Fall in Love'' (14/SBS), ``W
"ho are you - School 2015" (15/KBS), "Oh, My Ghost" (15/tvN), "My Fantastic Funeral" (15/SBS), "Awl" (15/JT
BC), ``Remember - Son's War'' (15/SBS), ``The Man Who Blows the Whistle'' (16/tvN), ``Let's Fight, Ghost'' (16/tvN), ``Incarnation of Jealousy'' (16/SBS) ), “laurel clothes
Gentlemen at the Shop'' (16/KBS), ``Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo'' (16/MBC), ``Ice Hockey'' (17/MBC), ``Tomorrow with You'' (17/tvN), ``Thieves, mud
"Bossama" (17/MBC), "Sam, My Way" (17/KBS), "The One Who Can Understand" (17/JTBC), "While You Were Sleeping" (17/SBS), " KBS Dora
MaSpecial - Marubonzu's Love'' (17/KBS), ``Mr. Sunshine'' (18/tvN), ``Knowing Wife'' (18/tvN), ``Dazzle'' (19/JTBC), ``Others
``Humans Are Hell'' (19/OCN), ``When the Camellia Blooms'' (19/KBS), ``Aishino Holo'' (20/Netflix), ``Half of Half'' (20/tvN), ``I've Been Once '(2
0/KBS), “Law School” (21/JTBC), “Juvenile Trial” (22/Netflix), “Our Blues” (22/tvN), “Missing: They Were There 2” (22
/tvN), “Let the sun shine on you today too ~Diary of a psychiatric nurse~” (23/Netflix) [Movies] “Immortal Masterpiece” (2000), “Wani and Juna” (01), “Mother”
(09), ``The Defense Attorney'' (13), ``Insects'' (13), ``Do Hee'' (14), ``Kart'' (14), ``The Five Brothers of Deoksu-ri'' (14), ``The Great Korean Detective: Day Labor'' The Worker's Daughter' (15), 'Hell'
"Moni" (15), "Special Story: Liangcheng Murder Story" (15), "Public Prosecutor Gaiden" (16), "Fall in Love" (16), "Cries" (16), "Atmosphere of the Day" (16) ), ``I took a break by myself.''
Leisure” (16), “Retrial” (17), “Sheriff” (17), “Okja” (17), “Gunkanjima” (17), “Taxi Driver” (17), “Adult Encyclopedia” ( 18), “Miss Baek” (1
8), "Yakiniku Dragon" (18), "Collection of Words" (19), "Minors" (19), "Parasite: Family in the Semi-Underground" (19), "MR.ZOO: Disappeared VIP" (20) , “I died.”
``Dahi'' (20), ``玆;;;;; Yamagyofu'' (21). Korean actress Lee Jung-eun is an actress who became world famous with the movie "Parasite" and has appeared in many hit films. mother
Although many play the role of parents, they are actually unmarried (as of 2022). .

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