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Five Senses of Eros

Five Senses of Eros
  • English:Five Senses of Eros
  • Korean: 오감도
  • Release Date: 2009/07/09
  • Duration: 128
Five Senses (Korean: 오감도) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2009-07-09. The running time is 128. Five erotic stories drawn by five directors.
[A thrilling exploration battle between him and her when they meet for the first time] He (Jang Hyuk) gets on the KTX bound for Busan and falls in love with the attractive girlfriend (Cha Hyun-jung) sitting in the front seat.
will be taken away. He gets off the train as if following her, eventually gets her contact information, and plans a special second encounter with her a few days later...
[Pathetic hide-and-seek between a loving couple] A hurt husband, HyunWoo (Kim Gang Woo), worries about his sick wife, and the husband who is left alone.
His wife Hyerim (Cha Soo-young) constantly apologizes for not being able to do anything for her. A pitiful game of hide-and-seek between a loving couple in the face of death. [Two actresses tame a difficult film director] Newcomers on the set of a movie
Actress Mi-jin (Kim Min Seon) and charismatic senior actress Hwaran (Bae Jong-ok) are troubled by their strong and difficult director (Kim Su Ro). Finally, the senior farang
She transforms Mi-jin into a beautiful and sexy woman to seduce the director. [Starting living together with her husband's lover] Jung Ha (Um Jung Hwa), whose husband (Hwang Jung Min) passed away in a car accident.
She is shocked to hear that her husband was secretly meeting with her junior colleague Naru (Kim HyoJin). After the accident, Naru visits his senior Jeongha and tells him that he is unconditionally devoted to him.
He promises to do so and suggests they move in together, but... [High school students' thrilling couple changes] Ji-eun (Kim DongWook) - Yoon-jung (Lee Sun-min), Sang-min (Jung Eui Chul)
- Lee Si Young, Song Joong Ki - Sin Se Gyeong. The three high school couples are good friends. They have no guarantee of their partner's love, and it's only for one day.
They make a couple change and start dating. . The Korean movie "Five Senses" is an omnibus movie starring Jang Hyuk and others. Heo Jin-ho from “Spring Days Pass by”, “Western Antique Pastry Shop ~Ante”
Five directors including Min Gyu-dong of ``The Scarlet Letter,'' Byun Hyuk of ``The Scarlet Letter,'' Yoo Yong-sik of ``20 Identities,'' and Oh Ki-hwan of ``The Last Present.''
This is a work in which the director explores what "eros" is.