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Fabricated City

Fabricated City
  • English:Fabricated City
  • Korean: 조작된 도시
  • Release Date: 2017/02/09
  • Duration: 126分
fabricated city (Korean: 조작된 도시) is a movie. The Korean release date is 2017-02-09. The running time is 126 minutes.
A crime action movie with a new concept that takes 3 minutes and 16 seconds and depicts a man's counterattack after being manipulated by a murderer.
Poohtaro is a perfect leader in the game world, but in real life he is an ordinary person.
Ng Yu (Ji Chang Wook). After accidentally receiving a call from an unknown woman at an internet cafe asking to find her cell phone, he pursues the person who brutally murdered her without knowing why.
It will be absorbed. All the evidence narrows down and points to Kwon Yoo as the culprit, and while no one believes his innocence, Kwon Yoo's gaming buddy and novice hacker Yeo Eul...
(Shim Eun Gyeung) learns that all these things were completely manipulated by someone in just 3 minutes and 16 seconds.
Special effects specialist Demolition (Ahn Jae Hong) and other gaming friends
Everyone gathers together and begins tracking the actual situation of the incident using a new method. In order to stand against the manipulated world, he launches a sharp counterattack... .
The Korean movie ``Manipulated City'' takes just 3 minutes and 16 seconds to tell the story of a man who was manipulated by a murderer and a game member.
A crime action movie that uncovers the true nature of the incident and unfolds a refreshing counterattack. Director Park Kwang-hyun of the movie ``Welcome to Dongmakgol'' took the lead. Actor Ji Chang Wook appears in the play
, he plays Kwon Yoo, an unemployed man who is the best leader of Team Resurrection in the game world, but has nothing special in the real world. Heaven uncovers the truth behind the incident with Kwon Yoo.
The role of Yeo Eul, a talented hacker, will be played by actress Shim Eun Gyeung, who is trying to change her appearance.

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