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Ji Chang Wook


  • Hangul: 지창욱
  • Birthdate: 1987/7/5 (age 36)
  • Height/Weight: 180cm/65kg

Ji Chang Wook (Korean: 지창욱) is a talent and actor. The next generation of handsome Korean stars who are being chosen for leading roles one after another. Born on July 5, 1987.
Height: 180cm. Weight: 65kg. Education: Department of Theater and Film, Dankoku University. Korean management office: Spring Company (as of 2023).
2007 movie "Sleeping Beauty". Representative work: [TV Series]
“I Fall in Love with You” (08/KBS), “Sons of Sol Pharmacy” (09/KBS), “Hero” (
09/MBC), “Smile, Donghae” (10/KBS), “Baek Dong Soo” (11/SBS), “Our Handsome Grocer” (11/Channel A), “Healer” (14/KBS2)
), "THE K2" (16/tvN), "Convenience Store Set Byul" (20/SBS), "Love Methods for Men and Women in the City" (20/kakaoTV), "Annarasmanara"
-Magical Melody-” (22/Netflix), “Say Your Wish” (22/KBS), “The Worst Evil” (23/Disney+) [Movie]
"Sleeping Beauty" (07), "The Second Story of Death: Teaching Practice" (10) [Musical] "Fire and Ice" (07), "Thrill Me" (10)
[Works available to watch now] THE K2 ~I want to protect only you~
. Korean actor Ji Chang Wook's debut film "Sleeping Beauty"
”, and later appeared in the TV series “Sons of Sol Pharmacy” as the youngest child, gaining popularity. In 2010, he was chosen as the main character Donghae in ``Smile, Donghae,'' and then in 2011.
He also plays the lead role in the TV series "Baek Dong Soo". In 2011, he played the male lead role in ``Our Handsome Fruit and Vegetable Shop'' and became a hot topic in Japan as the next generation of handsome stars. girls guru
He has also appeared in music videos such as "CRY CRY" and "Lovey Dovey" by T-ARA. .

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