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Smile Again

Smile Again
  • English:Smile Again
  • Korean:웃어라 동해야
  • Original Network: KBS(2010)
  • Aired: 2010/10/04 - 2011/05/13
Smile, Donghae (Korean: 웃어라 동해야) is a TV Series. Broadcast starts on 2010-10-04. The broadcast will end on 2011-05-13.
The broadcasting station is KBS (2010). A boy born to an intellectually disabled single mother who was adopted in the United States returns to South Korea and works as a cook while starting a new family.
A work depicting the process of making. Actor Ji Chang Wook quickly rose to fame through this work, and was even selected as the public relations ambassador for Donghae City. .
Saewa (Park Jeong-ah), a Naeun teacher, meets Dong-hae (Ji Chang Wook), a skater's girlfriend.
When she learns that he will be coming from America, she waits excitedly, but Do-jin (Lee Jang Woo), the heir of the family, forces her to date him... Meanwhile, Donghae secretly takes his intellectually disabled mother Anna (Do Ji Won) to flight.
Anna's actions lead to a misunderstanding and she becomes involved in an incident. . The Korean TV series ``Smile Donghae'' is about a child born to a single mother with an intellectual disability who was adopted by the United States.
This work depicts a young boy who returns to Korea and starts a new family while working as a cook. The main character, Donghae, is played by actor Ji Chang Wook, who is Donghae's biological mother and a single mother with an intellectual disability.
Actress Do Ji-won will play Anna Laker, and actress Park Jeong-ah will play Yoon Se-wa, Donghae's girlfriend whom she met in America and promised to marry.