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Empress Ki

Empress Ki
  • English:Empress Ki
  • Korean:기황후
  • Original Network: MBC(2013)
  • Aired: 2013/10/28 - 2014/04/29
Empress Ki (Korean: 기황후) is a TV Series. It started airing on 2013-10-28. It ended airing on 2014-04-29.
Broadcast on MBC (2013). A TV series depicting the story of Empress Ki, the "Iron Lady," who shook the Mongolian Empire founded by Genghis Khan for 37 years.
The investiture ceremony for the former empress takes place, and Ta Hwan (Ji Chang Wook) holds Seung Nyang's (Ha Ji Won) hand. Meanwhile, Wang Yu (Joo Jin Mo) and Seung
Nyang's eyes meet and Seungnyang bursts into tears. The young Seungnyang, who had been presented as a tribute, was fleeing with her mother Okbun when Okbun was hit by an arrow. Okbun told Seungnyang
He takes out the ring and tells her that his father is alive. 13 years later, Wang Yu challenges Seung Nyang to a drinking contest, but...
The Korean TV series "Empress Ki" is about the story of Empress Ki, who was presented as a tribute from Goryeo and became empress.
The TV series tells the story of Empress Ki, who wielded great influence in the former country founded by Genghis Khan. The heroine, Seungnyang, is played by Ha Jin-ho, who is appearing in a TV historical drama for the first time in seven years.
The two men who are in love with Ji Won and Seung Nyang are played by Joo Jin Mo and Ji Chang Wook.

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