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Beak JinHee


  • Hangul: 백진희
  • Birthdate: 1990/2/8 (age 34)
  • Height/Weight: 163cm

Beak JinHee (Korean: 백진희) is a talent and actress. A well-known actress who has been working as a model since middle school. Born on February 8, 1990.
Height: 163cm. Education: Yongin University Film Studies. Korean management office: Snowball Entertainment. 2008 movie "Looking for someone".
Korean actress Beak JinHee was scouted on the street in 2004 when she was in her third year of junior high school and started working as a model. In 2008, she made her debut as an actress in the movie “Looking for People” and was selected by Cine21.
She was awarded the 2009 Newcomer Actress award. She is one of the hottest young actresses with outstanding acting skills. . Episode/Anecdote: March 27, 2017, I have been dating actor Yoon Hyun Min since April 2016.
I acknowledged that this was the case. .

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